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Tabidachi no Uta~♬
3rd-Jul-2009 11:06 am - Die Sims 3 Profiler
Ich habe einen "Sims 3 Profiler" erstellt und fordere alle nun heraus, mich zu "schätzen" ^^


Anleitung: Ihr müsst euch überlegen, was ich ausgewählt haben könnte und stellt MEIN Profil zusammen. Dafür müsst ihr das, was ihr denkt in das gelbe Feld ziehen ^^ Wenns fertig ist, seht ihr, mit wieviel Prozent ihr mit mir übereinstimmt (= Wie gut ihr mich kennt... Ich kann sehen was ihr ausgewählt habt ;) Falls sich jemand über die Briefbombe wundert, die dann kommt... ^^)

Ich warte auf Schätzungen! ^^
2nd-Jul-2009 07:51 am - Summer Season Dramas
Drama Spring Season is over and I watched three quite good doramas (Aishiteru, Quiz Show 2 and Konkatsu, Rikatsu). For all of you who like to watch Aishiteru with German subs, go grab it at yasaka ^^

And since I can't live without my weekly dose of dorama, I am thinking about what to watch this season ^_^

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28th-Sep-2008 02:01 am - oita kokutai
japanese domestic olympics in oita
kokumin taiiku taikai
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26th-Sep-2008 03:31 pm - night pics
today we went to fukuoka to see elisabeth the musical. yeah although its actually german. (o^$B"O(B^o)
ate ramen and onigiri... well since im nnot used to it hearing japanese all day is a bit tiring.
see pics
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25th-Sep-2008 08:57 am - jusco
today we went to my school ($BM:>k9b9;(B). and met maki sensei and ikeda sensei (my english teachers). $B5W$7$V$j$d$J(B (o^$B"O(B^o)
i love oita. ($B!f"`!e(B)
i decided not to go to tokyo but to stay here until next friday. $B0l?M$K$J$k$N$,$$$d$G(B ($B";(B_$B":(B)

we went to some hippo peoples place... they had three dogs. to jusco afterwards.typing annoys$B$M(B
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24th-Sep-2008 02:40 pm - arrived in japan
i try to post an entry.
i arrived in japan on tuesday. stayed at tokyo for one night and now i am back home in oita. i will stay here until next wednesday. we ve already made lots of plans.
my lack of time also nearly kills me. lol ..eight
hours of shinkansen today. well
here you get some impressions
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12th-Sep-2008 10:44 am - University
So, since yesterday I am a university student, officially.
When I went there yesterday in the morning... (Passing the freshman table which was crowded like hell XD)
the secretary actually told me at first, that I could not combine Musicology with Business. (Although I could not even applied for it if it was impossible -___-") ... yeah, but then she found out, that it's actually allowed...
So I got my Chip Card and other stuff and went to the Institute building. Everyone's really nice at the musicology place, but ... But still, I am a bit .... lonely? Well, that's because I still don't know anybody (and I actually don't want to be with anybody from my old class though...)
That will be better soon, I guess.

I think I am actually looking forward to it starting...

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12th-Sep-2008 10:34 am - the same procedure as last year...
the same procedure as every year?

Like Here
I haven't yet received my phone number... but since last year, it came... I hope it will this year too.

Driving was quite nice today XD
2nd-Sep-2008 10:24 am - 知ってる?
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